maggie gelineau

Maggies style is a balance between super playful and very deep work. She believes anything as challenging as personal development should have an element of lightness and humor. She is here to be a facilitator of connection, compassion and truth. She creates a space where students can intimately explore their personal story and being. We all know that intimacy is not without confrontation; Maggie believes in facilitating a purposeful edge in each experience that allows students to be pressed to a limit. Through this process they are able to come through the other side and keep the strength they were able to connect with. Together we laugh, we cry, we roll around and make noise and shapes. Most importantly we feel...a lot.... students are encouraged to invite it all in and feel everything. The experience is challenging and cathartic an experience deeply rooted in the heart that allows for self discovery. She draws inspiration from many styles of yoga, such as Ashtanga, Iyengar,Yin, and Bhakti and Kundalini. Ultimately her passion is with Vinyasa, restorative yoga, meditation, sound healing and reiki. Maggie began teaching in 2012, she received her first certification from Corepower Yoga and completed several  intensive trainings along the way. Maggie is a LoveYourBrain Certified teacher. Most recently she has completed The Heart of Smartflow virtual training with Annie Carpenter.  She has facilitated 14 teacher trainings and personal development programs for both students and teachers.