REACH 300hr yoga teacher training is an integrative and comprehensive program designed to help you fulfill your purpose as a teacher.
Refine and Elevate your teaching skills. Form and Authentic Connection with your students and teaching style from the Heart.

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Bree Koenig and Maggie Gelineau have a combined experience of over 20 years in the yoga industry. Both as teachers and students, they have been dedicated to the growth and integrity of their personal practice and ability as teachers.

Bree and Maggie both have authentic, unique and dynamic teaching styles, each was naturally drawn to the other's class. They became friends and colleagues as they challenged each other's skill set, encouraging growth and development. Through leading several events, workshops and trainings together the concept for REACH Teacher Training was born.

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This is a collaborative experience, we hold each other accountable to understanding the “WHY” behind our choices..both in the seat of the teacher and the student. We all come to the collective with varying degrees of knowledge and experience...your offering to the collective is no more or less valuable than anyone else. Come with an open heart and mind!

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Refinement of teaching styles through coached inquiry and personal development work. You will be encouraged to gently rub up against the boundaries of what you already know about yourself, teaching, your students and the world of yoga!!!

Elevation of Sequencing skills....Get ready to play with some “Awesome Sun A” and ‘Bad Ass Sun B” variations. Teach intelligent and creative sequences that move with fluidity, function, intensity and playfulness. You will leave with a formula that is applicable to many styles of classes and teaching. Communicate how these experiences relate to your students and the applied philosophy of yoga.

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authentic connection

Connect with your students beyond a prescribed way of touching students for each posture. Learn to observe each student and the posture as an individual and support their needs in the present moment. This method of touch will support “personalized alignment” safety and function. Learn to provide assists that balance stability & mobility with flexibility & strength. Verbally assist students with sensation based language. Learning to identify how the function of postures should feel; allows us to draw a clear map in & out of each shape. Teach the “HOW AND WHY” of postures and hands on assists.

The Heart of yoga teaching is it’s philosophy. Learn to weave these principles throughout the many layers of your class and life. We explore deep conversations of the Yamas, Niyamas and Chakra system. We explore aspects of Kundalini Kriya, mantra and mudras to elevate both your understanding of the philosophy and your ability to share it with students

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ANATOMY with DR. Maryanne Harrington • Focusing on an integrative approach to functional anatomy as applied to yoga. Address common areas of injury. Learn to create movement patterns that strengthen and support the underdeveloped and underutilized areas of the body within the yoga practice. • Specialized workshops on Prenatal and Postpartum training. We will focus on preparing for birth and supporting healthy tissues/joints throughout pregnancy. We emphasize the recovery of pelvic floor and spinal health postpartum.

RESTORE - MEDITATE - BREATHE Intensive training in methods of restorative yoga sequencing and the science of relaxation. Learn how to support students in a balanced approach to practice, Discover intentional and specific modalities of guided meditation as both a teacher and a practitioner. Demystify the science and philosophy of breath work with exploration, experiential and scholastic workshops and research assignments.

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Comprehensive resources and training in the utilization of props to aid students in understanding the progression, purpose and alignment of postures. Props can equally elevate and regress the challenge of a physical shape when applied with intelligence through an integrative approach. You will have tons of teaching opportunities with both your peers and facilitators. This is a “feedback friendly” learning environment. Feedback is a skill set we will strengthen, both in its delivery and on the part of the receiver.

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Why the Local Retreat. . . ?

The local retreat offers that special taste of an immersive program set in a remote location. The ability to be completely immersed in a supportive, challenging and dedicated learning environment is paramount to change! This beautiful space of luxury and amenities will allow you to take a deep breath, while taking a deep dive into the REACH curriculum. We will build bonds with each other and create patterns and routines that will set you up for success for the entire training. Besides . . . who doesn't love a slumber party!!!

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REACH 300hr Integrative Yoga Teacher Training investment:

INVESTMENT Tuition investment $4,400 Non refundable $800 deposit Save $400 when you register before 1/1/19

INCLUDED 6 month membership to iHeartYoga Journal and Course Manual Your Room & basic kitchen supplies during retreat

Training Facilitators
Bree Koenig & Maggie Gelineau
Team contact:

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